Grid Control 11g new features

In Grid Control on July 21, 2010 at 10:16

Grid Control 11g new features:
1. You must install Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.2 (Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Patch Set 1) as a pre-requisite to Oracle Grid Control installation. The patch you will have to apply must be ordered via Metalink. If you don’t install it, it will still work but WL will throw lots of error messages.
2. Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control Release 1 now supports the new features available in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. You notice the new GC mainly when working with 11gR2 databases.
3. As a whole, it does not look very different than 10g which is good in a way. One of my DBAs complained about the fonts 🙂
4. It is faster but it crashes, hangs, whatever due to WebLogic 🙂 Lots of logs. Beware that the /usr/local/bin/ might leave hanging processes. Should be killed manually with kill -9.
5. Here is a good link to the documentation about the new features:

  • Oracle 11g Grid Control New Features
  • Notice how short the Database Management section is!


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