About Julian Dontcheff

Julian is the Global Database Lead of Accenture. His primary responsibility is leading the Global Oracle Technology Practice which includes Cloud IaaS, PaaS, BI and Analytics, Database & Data Services, Engineered Systems, Infrastructure Hosting, Java, Mobility, Portals & Webcenter, Security, SOA/BPM and all other areas falling under Oracle Tech.

He is also the Accenture-Enkitec Group Managing Director for Europe.

Julian is an Oracle ACE Director since June 2011.

In the past, Julian headed Nokia’s Database Technology team and also the Continual Service Improvement unit in Nokia Computing. The DBA team took care of about 2300 databases worldwide, mostly Oracle.

Julian was the first Oracle Certified Master in Europe (back in June 2002) and he is also an Oracle ACE since 2009.

Within and around the Oracle database Julian’s interests are primarily around new release, upgrades and new features, compassion of Oracle to other database brands including Oracle Cloud versus other Clouds and core database features and tools such as DataPump, RMAN, OEM, EBR, RAC, PL/SQL and all types of data replication.

Julian has experience and knowledge in the retail, banking, telecom and high-tech sector. He holds a global position at Accenture as Global Oracle Technology Lead and has been a consultant and database architect for several Fortune 500 companies and global IT projects. Julian is one of the approx. 100 Master Technology Architects globally in Accenture.


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