Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

In Cloud, DBA, Grid Control, Oracle database on October 4, 2011 at 00:57

It is now official: Oracle announced on October 3rd the new version of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 (

This is the first solution in IT to combine management of the full Oracle stack with complete enterprise cloud lifecycle management.

You may download it only for Linux x86-64 (64-bit).

The Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Documentation gives you the following:

Basic Installation Guide
Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide
Upgrade Guide
Administrator’s Guide
Cloud Administration Guide
Licensing Information

There are 4 mandatory plug-ins that are installed by default with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control:

Oracle Database plug-in
Oracle Fusion Middleware plug-in
Oracle My Oracle Support plug-in
Oracle Exadata plug-in

Enterprise Manager offers the following management packs for Oracle Database:

Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database
Tuning Pack for Oracle Database
Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database
Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Database
Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack for Oracle Database
Change Management Pack for Oracle Database
Oracle Data Masking Pack for Oracle and non-Oracle Databases
Oracle Test Data Management Pack for Oracle and non-Oracle Databases

Top 3 new features for DBAs:

1. Real-time ADDM. You can connect to the database and investigate what is going on when you cannot connect to the database because it is hanging on it is extremely slow. This is for real, connection to the database is in diagnostic mode, there is direct connections to the SGA.

2. Active Session History (ASH) Analytics. It is the adavnced version of Top Activity.

This is a snapshot from load map view mode:

3. Compare period ADDM. You can identify why during a certain period activity was slow when no changes to the SQL statements were made. Here is a snapshot from ADDM compare:

Great product from Oracle and this is not any longer just a DBA tool.

From yesterday’s Total Cloud Control session: Richard Sarwal and Sushil Kumar:

More to follow on DBA new features in “New DBA Features in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c”.

  1. Hi Julian,

    I’m testing OEM12c but it is slower that the previous version, do you have any idea about it??

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