Larry Ellison at the Churchill Club

In DBA, Grid Control, Oracle database, PL/SQL on March 21, 2011 at 11:02

Today is exactly one and half years after Larry Ellison was interviewed by Ed Zander at the Churchill Club.

Ben Rockwood wrote a must-read article about the event and I would not like to repeat what he said but just highlight few things looking retrospectively into this probably most interesting and flamboyant LJE interview ever.

Here are 5 interesting IBM related quotes:

1. The company that does more Oracle installations than any other company in the world: that will be IBM.
2. IBM is who we’re targeting, its who we feel we need to compete with to be successful ourselves. We are happy to compete with IBM on level plain field.
3. I’d like IBM to explain what they meant when they said they took 250 customers away from Sun. I don’t think there is a single example of any Sun customer who’s replaced all of their machines with IBM computers.
4. I will be very clear: Solaris is way better than AIX.
5. Sun machines run faster than IBM machines and cost less.

How do you like the part on Cloud Computing? I just can’t disagree with him 🙂

Do you remember also this one?

And finally the part from last year’s OOW (2010):

Poll: which concept do you least trust, which one do you find most fake?

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