11g Grid Control: PL/SQL execution monitoring in SQL Monitoring

In DBA, Grid Control, PL/SQL, SQL on September 6, 2010 at 11:43

One of the most useful new features of 11g Grid Control is PL/SQL execution monitoring. Wonder now if a developer wants to know how his PL/SQL procedure did in terms of its SQL and DML statements? What calls did it make and how long it took per call? Beats me is what I would have said before 🙂 Have a look at what Oracle did with 11g Grid Control:

Not only we see the duration of the PL/SQL procedure but we can also see its activites and metrics per SQL call:

We can monitor LIVE either the execution details compared to a previous run with a real time 15 second refresh:

or view its execution details with real time 10 second refresh:

giving us time, wait and io statistics. You can view it or save it in a report format or even mail it directly to the developer!

Good one from Oracle.

How did we do similar things in 8i?

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